EQ Contact Center was designed to meet the demands of many different real-world contact center environments. It doesn’t surprise us that we receive so many compliments on our software, and how intuitive it is, because that’s how it should be.

Our system can be placed as a stand-alone PBX and Contact Center solution, or as an add-on to a business phone system to provide Contact Center functionality.


Effortless collaboration and communication between users
results in improved customer satisfaction.

Help Desk

Quality-control and custom note entries will ensure that every call is tracked and managed in our EQ History Engine. Salesforce integration will also allow users to see who is calling before the customer is connected; Including any previous cases or tickets.


Use our outbound capability to notify patients of any changes
or scheduling. EQ Contact Center’s reporting and call recording
capabilities will ensure that a repeat caller can be quickly identified.

Financial Institutions

Agent scripting, CRM integration (Salesforce), custom Agent notes per call, and call flow can be optimized for smooth operation. Customers will feel like the institution has put in planning and effort to minimize wait time and redundant data collection. These core values are paramount for financial institutions to operate a successful contact center.